Nahla is closed for inventory and restocking. Orders and inquiries received during this time will be processed when we reopen on Monday, March 18th.


Q: How Do I Order?

A: You can order 24 hours a day by visiting Nahla’s online store. Prefer to order by phone? No problem. Customer Service is available to help Monday-Thursday, 10am-4pm eastern time. 

Q: I Live Outside The US. Will You Ship To Me?

A: We offer limited priority shipping to Canada but do not offer shipping outside North America. Please contact us to find out if there is a Nahla distributor in your region.

Q: When Will My Order Arrive?

A: In-stock items are shipped within 3 business days via USPS Priority Mail or UPS Ground and can take up to 6 days shipping time in transit to arrive. Holidays and peak ordering times may result in longer than usual processing and shipping times.

Q: What Is Your Return Policy?

A: We accept returns within fourteen days of receipt for store credit. If a product fails to meet your expectations, please contact us to receive a return authorization and return shipping instructions. We do not accept returns on samples, body brushes or products missing more than 20% of their contents. We reserve the right to limit returns to three products per order. If you are new to Nahla, we encourage you to start slowly and begin with samples. Please keep in mind that free shipping, gifts with purchase and other discounts and special offers are only available on orders that, less the return, still qualify for the promotion. Those that do not will have the applicable charge deducted from the return. Cancelled orders and items returned unused are subject to a 15% restocking charge before store credit is issued. We are unable to refund shipping charges for any reason.

Q: Will You Send Me Free Samples?

A: We’re unable to send you free samples but do include free samples with every order.  

Q: Are Your Products Natural?

A: Absolutely. Nahla has been producing 100% holistic skincare since 2001. Every ingredient is completely natural, food grade and nearly all are certified organic. We source the purest, highest quality ingredients from local farmers, artisan producers, cooperatives and small businesses in an inquisitive and discerning method and don’t compromise on purity, period.

Q: Do You Use Parabens or Phenoxyethanol?

A: No. Nahla is completely free of damaging synthetics and petrochemicals. We have never used parabens, (a highly carcinogenic and allergen causing preservative) or phenoxyethanol, (a paraben-like preservative that is also highly toxic and damaging to the nervous system.) Instead, we rely on our exclusive botanically based preservation system, which consists of organic plant extracts blended to exacting proportions and combinations.

Q: What Is The Shelf Life?

A: Every Nahla product has a label on the bottom of the bottle or jar, which indicates the batch number and best by date. The best by date refers to the life of an unopened product stored properly. As is the case with all skincare products, store away from heat, humidity and direct sunlight and use within six months of opening.

Q: My Products Look Different?

A: We refuse to use bleaching agents or dyes to cover color variations in our products so you might notice subtle differences in color and clarity from batch to batch. This is a result of crop variations and location, the season of harvest and the handmade nature of our manufacturing processes. These variances are your assurance that you have a truly natural skincare product.

Q: Are Your Products Gluten & Soy Free?

A: Yes. Our entire product line is 100% gluten free and soy free, including products which contain organic oatstraw since gluten is only found in the seeds (grains), not in the straw (stems) and our oatstraw is not cross contaminated. If you have an oat gluten specific sensitivity, avoid Saffron Milk Bath, which contains organic colloidal oats.

Q: Are Your Products Safe For Use During Pregnancy?

A: Yes, our products are completely safe for pregnant women, nursing moms and babies. If you have any specific concerns about an ingredient's suitability for you, please consult your physician.

Q: Are Your Products Safe For Children?

A: Nahla Beauty products are exceptionally mild, non-toxic and safe for babies and children. We especially recommend Forest Mint Gentle Foaming Milk as the perfect body wash for sensitive skin, Amla Instant Repair Cream for soothing delicate faces during the cold weather months, Saffron Milk Bath for a soothing bath for dry skin and eczema and Calendula Sensitive Healing Cream for dry skin, diaper rash and eczema.

Q: I'm Using Natural Skincare For The First Time. What Can I Expect?

A: Congratulations on taking this healthy step. Visit New To Natural for lots of great information on what to expect when making the switch to truly natural skincare.

Q: What Products Are Right For My Skin Type?

A: Shop by skin type or contact a Nahla Beauty Advisor and we’ll create a customized skincare regimen just for you.

Q: Help! My Skin Falls Into More Than One Category!

A: You’re not alone! Most people have qualities from more than one skin type or experience changes in symptoms with seasonal, hormonal or stress triggers. For a personalized skincare regimen, contact the Nahla Beauty Advisor.

How Do I Use Your Serums? Can they be mixed together?

For maximum benefit, you should apply serums both morning and evening, while the skin is still moist from toning. To use more than one serum, we recommend layering your Correct Serum first, followed by your Hydrate Serum for extra moisture and protection.

How often should I be exfoliating my skin?

How often you exfoliate is a personal choice and depends a lot on your skin type and tendency toward sensitivity. For most skin types, 2-3 times per week on non-consecutive days is ideal. Those with rosacea will want to avoid topical methods of exfoliation.

I Thought Oil Clogs Pores. Why Do You Use It?

Your sebaceous glands are responsible for making a substance called sebum that empties onto the skin’s surface through your pores. Sebum is your skin’s method of moisturizing and protecting your skin and is actually a good thing because it helps to keep your skin looking youthful and supple. However, when those prone to dehydration use heavy, sticky creams, the sebaceous glands become sluggish and slow production of sebum, which results in tight, dehydrated skin. Similarly, when those with oily complexions or acne repeatedly strip our skin with harsh astringents, the sebaceous glands over-compensate with an increased production of sebum, which results in an increase in blemishes and excessively oily skin.

 Every Nahla formula is blended with the precise proportions of pure, organic plant oils and concentrated botanical extracts necessary for your skin to achieve radiant beauty and balance, without inhibiting cellular respiration or clogging pores.

Is A Toner Really Necessary?

Nahla's toners are unlike most, in that they aren't a simple mixture of water and alcohol and contain organic hydrosol distillates and pure plant extracts to soothe, protect and renew. Nahla toners prime the skin, increasing the absorption of your moisturizer, deeply condition the skin’s surface, balance pH levels post-cleanse and remove residual sebum and surface debris from the skin’s surface. We highly recommend using one for optimum results.

What Are Hydrosols?

Hydrosols are the aqueous solution of essential oils obtained by steam distilling fresh plant material. An incredibly efficient and soothing way to enjoy the healing benefits of plants, they contain vital plant energy suspended in a soothing, anti-inflammatory and profoundly healing distillate base.

Aren’t Essential Oils Irritating To The Skin?

Nahla’s mastery of essential oils in a clinical setting has created the solid framework from which all our products are formulated. Our transformative skincare products utilize over 130 rare essential oils for their uniquely healing, restorative and reparative properties. The pleasing aroma of these aromas is secondary to the healing benefits for your skin and our products are designed to never overwhelm with heavy, cloying or sensitizing aromas.

Which Products Are Vegetarian? Vegan?

All Nahla products are vegetarian and most are also vegan. You’ll find the designation on the formula tab of every product in our web shop and whether a product is vegan or vegetarian is also stamped on the product label. The animal ingredients we use are organic milk protein from a local farm and honey and beeswax from Nahla’s own sustainably beehives.

Can Your Jars and Bottles Be Recycled?

Of course! All of our products are packaged in easily recyclable glass. Just pop them into the recycling bin or visit a recycling center in your area. And of course, you can always clean out the container and re-use it, which is our favorite kind of recycling. 

Are Your Products Tested On Animals?

No. Nahla is certified by Leaping Bunny and 100% cruelty free. We take animal testing very seriously and ensure our products are cruelty free at every stage of formulation - from raw ingredient, to product development, to finished formula. The animal ingredients we use are organic milk protein from a local farm and honey and beeswax from Nahla’s own sustainably managed beehives.

Do You Use Nanotechnology?

No. All of our ingredient particles are over one micron, which means they will not pass into the bloodstream.

Why Does My Balm Have a Filmy White Appearance?

Our balm formulas contain a high shea butter content which can develop a cloudy layer when the ambient temperature drops below the cloud point of the olein. When this occurs, the olein molecules crystallize and take on a cloudy, filmy or mottled white appearance. This is a normal chemical reaction as shea butter is subjected to fluctuating temperatures and the product is still perfectly safe and effective.

Why Does My Geranium Sap Purifying Cleanser Have a Cloudy Appearance?

Our liquid cleanser is a super concentrated castile soap that is 100% vegetable based. When the temperature drops to about 50 degrees F, the fatty acids begin to cloud and thicken, which doesn’t impact how your cleanser works, but can change the appearance. To restore to the original clarity, place your cleanser in a warm room until it becomes clear again.

What Is Castile Soap?

Our pure Castile soap is a gentle liquid soap formula, handmade with pure vegetable oils, and free of detergents, dyes or synthetics.