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Skincare Basics


Cleanse your skin twice daily - in the morning to wash away toxins and impurities expelled while you sleep and in the evening to remove makeup, environmental pollutants, dead skin cells and excess sebum. Apply your cleanser with a gentle press and swirl motion to stimulate the flow of lymph, eliminate puffiness and deliver nourishment to cells.


As children, skin cells turn over every 7 days. But as we age, this process slows and turnover occurs every 30 days or so. Cellular buildup emphasizes fine lines and wrinkles, causing skin to appear dull and uneven, and inhibits cellular respiration, trapping dirt, sebum and bacteria. Exfoliating 2-3 times each week with a gentle exfoliant is ideal for most skin types.


After cleansing, mist your toner over skin to balance pH, replenish lost moisture and improve tone and elasticity. Nahla toners allow your skin’s surface to become moist and permeable, maximizing the absorption of your hydrating and correct serums and reducing wrinkle-causing drag during application.

Hard Water

If you experience a film on the surface of your skin after cleansing, you likely have hard water. The result of high levels of minerals in your water supply, hard water leaves a cloudy film in your shower and gives the sensation that your cleanser never rinses completely. To counteract this film, mist a cotton round with your daily toner and swab across your face to eliminate any mineral deposits sitting on the surface of your skin.


While skin is still damp from toner, rub Hydrate Serum between palms and press over face, neck and décolleté to evenly distribute. Next, massage your skin in small circular motions to stimulate circulation and then in upward, sweeping motions to send your moisturizer deep within the skin cells which sit like shingles on a roof. For a more advanced facial massage technique with anti-aging acupressure points, see Nahla’s Organic Facelift Massage Tutorial.

Night Care

In the evening, cleanse, tone and masque the skin before applying your Correct Serum. We recommend a lightweight product for night to support your skin’s natural detoxification and regenerative functions. During periods of dehydration due to cold weather, stress or hormonal fluctuations, layer an application (thicker than you might use during the day) of your Hydrate Serum or Amla Instant Repair Cream over your Correct Serum. Remember, no matter how natural your makeup is, you should never wear it to bed. Doing so will encourage complexion imbalances, lethargy and tired-looking skin.


The skin around your eye area is ten times thinner than the skin on your face. Constantly working to support facial expressions and blinking, which we do more than 10,000 times a day, the delicate eye tissue needs extra special care to stay properly hydrated, smooth and firm. We're not fans of sticky creams, which can wick into the eyes and congest delicate eye tissue. Instead, we prefer a cooling gel formula to firm and brighten or a smoothing balm formula to soothe and regenerate. To apply, warm a little product on the back of your hand and then pat across the eye contour area using the pad of your ring finger – working across the Undereye area, from the inner eye to the outer eye and then across the brow bone and upper lid.

Lip Care

Like the delicate skin around your eyes, lips require special attention. Geranium Lip Renew is a fluid lip serum that restores fine or thin lips, diminishes the appearance of vertical lines and gives lips a kissable sheen. Nectar Balm alleviates chapping, regenerates and creates a smooth, no shine base for layering your favorite lipstick.


Infused with higher levels of active vitamins and botanical extracts, an intensive masque treatment restores youthful vibrancy, lifts away blackheads and restores calm to skin. For an instant refresh, our virtual facelift in a jar with activated vitamin C can’t be beat. This vibrancy restoring treatment expertly boosts collagen function while lifting away dead cells. Infused with youth-affirming immortelle, this hydrating masque is supernatural repair for stressed skin. And this triple action corrective peel brightens and tightens, yet is gentle on skin.


Our luxury body care collection covers all the basics with organic cleansers, moisturizers, sun protection, aromatherapy and bath care products.