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Beauty Secrets

Beauty Sleep

During deep sleep, the body experiences a surge in growth hormone and your natural mechanisms for detoxification, repair and regeneration kick into high gear. As your body casts off toxic metabolic waste, the oxidative damage caused by stress and environmental exposure is repaired and cell production increases. Your brain is literally rinsed of waste material and restored to balanced functionality. To look, (and feel), your very best, strive for eight hours of sound sleep each night.woman getting beauty sleep

Lemon Water

When you rise in the morning, squeeze the juice of half a small lemon into a mug of hot water and sip slowly. This gentle tonic warms and stimulates your system, boosting liver and kidney function, flushing away toxins and dispelling dark undereye circles.

lemon water in glass

Oil Cleansing Method

The oil cleansing method, often abbreviated as OCM, is a deep cleansing treatment performed by massaging pure plant oils into the face, neck and décolleté for 1-2 minutes and then removing any excess with a warm, moist washcloth. Because like dissolves like, the pure plant oils in your cleanser bond with the sebum secreted by your skin, drawing out accumulated toxins and impurities that have become trapped in your pores and leaving your skin clear, radiant and glowing.


  • Warm 4-5 pumps of Refresh Deep Cleansing Oil or Organic Detoxifying Coconut Cream between palms and press over face, neck, décolleté and earlobes.
  • Apply a sweeping, downward massaging motion to loosen makeup and dulling debris, while reducing puffiness. Next, massage the skin with small, circular motions, working up the neck, across the chin, cheekbones, nose, eye contour and forehead. How long you massage is based on personal preference. For most skin types, 2-3 minutes is appropriate. However, if your skin flushes easily, use a gentle touch and limit your massage to 1 minute. This treatment is not suitable for rosacea.
  • When your massage is complete, submerge a washcloth in very warm water, squeeze gently and press over your face until it begins to cool. The washcloth should be quite warm but not scalding. The goal is to steam your skin, coaxing pores open and liquefying the cleansing oil, stagnant sebum, pore congestion, impurities and dead skin cells. You may feel your pores releasing impurities, especially if you are prone to blackheads and pore congestion. Once the washcloth has cooled, wipe your face gently, rinse washcloth well and submerge in very warm water again. Repeat the process 2-3 more times, holding your steamy washcloth over the skin until cool, wiping gently and rinsing well. Apply toner and hydrating serum.
  • Daily use is too stimulating for most skin types and may cause excessive dryness or blemishing so strive for 2-3x per week for best results.



Deep belly breaths are an amazing way to purify, nourish and calm the body. More than half your body’s toxins are expelled through exhalation and the intake of oxygen helps your cells produce energy. Deep breathing also activates the hypothalamus, a part of the brain that triggers a relaxation response in the body and inhibits the production of stress hormones. Less stress + toxins = radiantly beautiful skin.


  • Take a long, deep inhalation, moving air entering your nose into your lower belly and allowing it to rise.
  • Now, exhale slowly through your nose or mouth, allowing your belly to deflate with your exhalation breath.
  • Repeat ten cleansing breaths and practice daily for optimum benefit.

woman breathing

Organic Facelift Massage

To put it simply, our method for younger looking skin is better than botox. An investment of just five minutes a day will rapidly lift sagging facial muscles, release toxins deposited into the intercellular fluid, plump cheeks, soften worry lines, alleviate facial tension and depuff the eye area.


  • Pump a small puddle of your favorite Hydrate Serum into the palm of your hand, rub palms together and press over the face, neck and décolleté to evenly distribute.
  • Beginning at the base of your neck, gently stroke upward toward the jaw and ears. Massage the back of your neck and shoulders a bit to release tension. Continue weeping, upward massage movements, working up cheekbones, nose, between the brows and up your forehead toward your hairline.
  • Restore energy to the skin by moving your fingers in small upward circles across the neck, chin, cheeks, nose and temples.
  • Use your index fingers to first apply gentle pressure to your chin before massaging across the chin, up the inner cheeks, across the outer nose, up the forehead and across the forehead to thetemples. Repeat several times, making the movement fluid, pressing gently on the center of your chin each time.
  • Using your index finger, rub vigorously under the nose and across the upper lip from left to right for 15 seconds.
  • Follow the contours of your eyes and make a circular movement from the inner corner of each eyelid, sweeping across the brow bone, under your eye and back to the inner corner of your eyelid. Repeat ten times on each eye.
  • Stroke the forehead from the brow to the hairline several times, lifting gently as if to counteract gravity.
  • Apply moderate pressure to each of the facial acupressure and lymphatic drainage points.. Start with the chin, move up the outer mouth and outer nose, between the brows, up the forehead, to the outer eyes and down the outer cheek area near your ears, covering all the points on each side of the face.

 woman performing organic facelift massage

Detoxifying Dry Body Brushing

detoxifying body brushing

What is dry brushing?

An ancient technique of exfoliating and detoxifying.

What do I need?

A natural bristle brush.

Why should I do it?

Your body's lymphatic system is responsible for delivering essential nutrients to cells and eliminating more than a pound of waste each day. Because the lymphatic system does not have a pump, it must be manually stimulated.

What are the benefits?

Dry body brushing flushes excess fluid, fat, mucus and toxins, effectively purifying the body, boosting immune function and breaking up pockets of cellulite. It also boosts digestive, circulatory and nervous system function, while alleviating dryness, flaking and sagging skin.


  • Purchase a good quality natural bristle brush with a handle like this.
  • Following the diagram, start at your feet and begin covering the body with long, sweeping strokes of the brush. Cover each foot several times before making your way up the ankle, lower leg, knee to thigh and hip bone to waist. Cover each section several times, front and back, left and right side of the body. Always work toward the heart.
  • Next, continue long, sweeping brushstrokes from the top of the hipbone, across the belly, sides, back and buttocks. Brush each arm, beginning with the palm, back of hand, wrist, below, bicep and shoulder, brushing each side the body.
  • Next, using a very gentle pressure, brush the face from the center of your forehead and working toward the ear on each side. Continue across cheeks, chin, down the neck and across your décolleté.
  • Finally, once you’ve covered your entire body, brush circles around your stomach in a clockwise motion. Take a warm shower and cleanse the skin to wash away dead skin cells, toxins and impurities expelled during brushing.
  • Remember: always use gentle pressure on sensitive areas like the face and chest and firmer pressure on thick areas like the soles of feet. Take your time with problem areas like thighs and buttocks.

Once a week, wash your brush with soap and water and dry in a warm spot.