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New to Natural

Organic skincare is very different from the mass produced, conventional skincare you find on most store shelves. Instead of a concoction of chemicals designed to mask symptoms and whip your skin’s natural processes into submission, organic products feed your skin a youth restoring array of easily assimilated nutrients that support your skin’s natural processes and heal the root cause of symptoms.

When you make the switch to organic, truly natural skincare, your skin may need time to adjust to its "new diet" and find balance. This process usually occurs very rapidly, due in no small part to the inherently nourishing and healing ingredients our products are made from. Though everyone’s skin is different, you should notice an immediate improvement in the overall color, texture and softness of your skin the first day you use them.

If you have been using conventional skincare, (that is products containing synthetic ingredients), or even products marketed as natural but still containing synthetic or questionable ingredients, a detoxification period may occur as your skin transitions to balance. Mild inflammation, dryness or blemishing indicates our products are working to expel accumulated toxins from your skin. This process is known as detoxification and can last from a few days to a couple weeks. During this time, it’s important to drink plenty of water to speed the detox along and get extra sleep to promote healing.

Occasionally, those with especially sensitive skin may notice a slight allergic reaction as they first begin ANY new skincare regimen. These individuals have a tendency to inflammation, allergic reactions and sensitivity and should begin a new skincare regimen slowly, so as to not overwhelm the skin.