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Aurum Flawless Contour Lift

Aurum Flawless Contour Lift
breakthrough beauty elixir
Dubbed our "youth elixir", an intelligent combination of potent botanical extracts, collagen boosters and colloidal gold restore flawless texture, youthful vitality and renewed strength. Developed to deliver a total re-set for the skin, the dramatic results are both immediate and cumulative.
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1oz e 30 ml
Deep Lines + Wrinkles • Skin Damage + Scarring • Lacking Brightness + Vibrancy • Hyperpigmentation • Uneven Skin Tone • Pre-mature Aging • Redness + Inflammation • Stress or Hormonally Triggered Blemishes • Sagging • Lymph Congestion • Sluggish Circulation • Puffiness + Fluid Retention • Sensitive + Reactive • Eczema • Rosacea With Dryness • Blackheads + Enlarged Pores
Herbal extracts of *bupleurum, *schisandra, *rose, *rhodiola, *white willow bark, *marshmallow root, *milk thistle, *reishi mushroom and *calendula, hydrosol distillate of *immortelle, *calendula, *st. john’s wort and *neroli, *fermented and distilled grape juice, pure oils of *prickly pear seed and *argan, *horseradish extract, colloidal gold, xanthan and *acacia gums, vitamins C and E, *natural liposomes, rosemary antioxidant extract, citric acid and proprietary blend of pure essential oils and flower essences. *Certified Organic & Vegan
Prepare skin by cleansing and toning. Press 1-2 pumps serum over face, neck, décolleté and earlobes while still damp from toner and massage gently in an upward motion until absorbed. For use as conductive gel with micro current facial technology, apply 4-5 pumps serum over skin, treat with micro current device and massage in any excess.
“This serum is the total package and makes it look like someone turned the light on behind my skin. My skin looks much firmer and brighter. The hormonal bumps on my cheekbones are gone and sun damage on my right cheek has faded noticeably. I can also see that the wrinkles around my eyes and between my brows are less deep. It absorbs fast so I can put on my foundation right after. Very light, sinks right in. Two thumbs up, Nahla." 

- Victoria D. Mill Valley, CA