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Our Story

After years of making my own skincare formulas, I decided to jump the corporate ship and pursue my dream. I cobbled together a rough business plan and with a shoestring budget and plenty of entrepreneurial grit, launched a small skincare company in my kitchen in 2001.

Well over a decade later, Nahla has evolved to more than thirty skin-rejuvenating formulas, sold across the globe. Still handmade in small batches, using unique processes developed at Nahla, our formulas translate the essential healing properties of plants and flowers into luxurious skincare – alive with healing, transformative power.

Every product we make is 100% natural, but really they are so much more than that. Comprised entirely of food grade ingredients, organic whole plant extracts and clinical grade essential oils, each imparts concentrated nourishment and calm to your mind, body and spirit.

Breaking from the pack, we’ve skipped the deceptive ingredient jargon, slick PR campaigns and fluffy packaging - letting our incredible products speak for themselves. No bulk lab bases, nothing outsourced and no shortcuts. Bottled in sparkling glass and completely free of pseudo natural “derived from” ingredients, our formulas represent a return to something real and beautiful in an era of green washing, slick packaging and hope in a bottle hype.

As an esthetician, herbalist and Nahla’s lead formulator, I strive to deliver authentically clean, transformative skin care. Handmade right here on the southern coast of Maine, our family owned and operated company doesn’t answer to share holders. We answer to you.

This is my vision for the future of holistic skincare. Discover your own ritual for beautiful skin and let me know what you think.

In Wellness,


Founder & CEO
Nahla Beauty