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Organic. Healing. Aromatic. Beautiful.

At Nahla Beauty, formulating skincare is pure alchemy. We reveal the essential nature of plants and flowers and translate that ancient wisdom into luxurious skincare formulas – alive with healing, transformative benefits.

Founded in 2001 by Nicole Ashley, the Santa Cruz, California native discovered her passion for natural skincare first as a teen and again while working as an esthetician during her college years in Portland, Oregon. Continuing with advanced studies in naturopathic medicine, herbalism and holistic healing, Nicole perfected the skincare formulas she had created for her own sensitive skin and established Nahla Beauty in her Portland kitchen.

It wasn’t long before her unique beauty formulas gained a cult following and she moved Nahla into a larger east coast production facility to house the bustling skincare business. Ten years later, Nahla remains family owned and operated. Time and again turning down opportunities to mass produce and expand, Nicole has held fast to her quality over quantity philosophy.

Every product is still handmade in small batches with artisanal processes that take weeks to complete. Using the purest, organic ingredients sourced from small farms and cooperatives, Nahla products are always 100% free of parabens, phthalates, synthetics and petrochemicals, to name a few. For Nahla Beauty, natural is not a marketing gimmick. It’s the way they have been doing business since those early days in Nicole’s Portland kitchen.

In her hectic role of wife, mother and business owner, Nicole continues to dispense practical beauty advice with a focus on reducing stress, fostering a sense of genuine wellbeing and creating realistic, healthy expectations around beauty.

Nicole lives with her husband and children, dividing time between homes in Upstate New York and the southern coast of Maine.